Pantheon, Anebyhus
Bibliotek, Alby

As part of a larger project to enrich the center of Alby, a suburb outside Stockholm, the local municipality initiated a relocation of the public library. The aim of the

ÅF Huvudkontor

We worked with the concept of welcoming and gratifying. Our ambition for the public areas of the ÅF offices was to create an inspiring interior with out-of-the-ordinary supplements that easily

Ygne, Gotland

The Ygne summerhouse is situated on the island of Gotland, one of Sweden’s most popular summer holiday spots. The design ambition was to build a house that would recess into

Fjällormen, Hemavan

Located in Sweden’s northernmost province, Lappland, the small town of Hemavan is mainly a skiing and holiday destination. The mountain range was the starting point for getting inspiration and guidance

Tower Tube, Ericsson

This circular, 40-meter-high tower cast in white concrete represents a new way of thinking regarding Radio Base Stations. The shape of the tower can be adapted to suit different markets

Bodrum, Turkiet
Barbara, Skultuna

Flasköppnaren Barbara formgavs 2004 för Skultuna. För Barbara hittade Thomas Sandell inspiration i Barbapapa.

Glow, Iittala

Glow is a modern take on the traditional oil lamp, which was expanded to also include a smaller tealight candleholder, both with the signature form of a classic hourglass. The

Katerina, Leucos

Katerina is a waved, blown glass diffuser in gloss white or gloss lime green. The thickness of the glass lets the light just slightly penetrate through.