Villa Ahlström, Värmdö
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Villa Ahlström is located on the island of Värmdö, outside Stockholm. There was an existing house on the site. The client wanted to put the new house in the same place as the old one.But that was the best part of the site, which is not where you should place a house, I said. In the end, we located it lower down on the site, where there was a natural platau and a fault in the bedrock. We made the platau bigger by blasting away part of that rock. I designed a single-level home with a simple roof under which I placed a couple of white volumes, or functional boxes. Between them a number of indoor and outdoor spaces took shape, which I separated with glazing. I wanted to hide the house in the landscape. With its sedum root, the house is almost invisible when you approach it from above. From the water it looks like a discreet line.

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