Lilla Integralen, Vallastaden
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Lilla Integralen is a distinct and unique four apartment house located in the new residential district Vallastaden, Linköping. Inspired by old industrial buildings, the façade is made from sustainable GreenCoat® color coated steel from SSAB, that makes for an interesting and playful expression, and an eye-catching contrast to the surrounding wooden houses.

The unorthodox choice of material creates a reflective façade, where the captured sunlight smoothens the borders to the sky and neighbouring houses alike. The twin house has four apartments: two smaller apartments occupying a total area of 55 m2 on the bottom floor, and two larger apartments of a total area of 110 m2 on the first floor. The bottom floor apartments have access to a peaceful patio while the top floor apartments have access to a wood coated rooftop terrace that occupies the entirety of the top floor and offers a magnificent view over Vallastaden.

The house stands as a brilliant example of modern urban living rooted in past tradition and allows for two extended families to live close but separate in their own homes. Generation housing was long the common way of living for the Swedes but is today a rare phenomenon in the country in general and in the metro areas in particular. Inspired by our own history and by the foreign cultures where extended families still live and grow together, our goal was to build a house that will last not just through our lives, but that can proudly be passed on to coming generations. The metal façade is just one example of that, where the material is not only beautiful to look at, but also exceptionally resistant to corrosion, UV radiation and scratches. Lilla Integralen is a flexible and welcoming accommodation that satisfies current and coming generations needs and preferences, and that will stand to be the home of many generations to come.

Lilla integralen has been shortlisted in the World Architecture Festival 2019 and was one of five finalists in Plåtpriset 2019.

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